Spark Welcome to Weekends by Sarah Breinig

If SPARK and Welcome to Weekends is helping you have great weekends, share your experience on Facebook @sparkhd and Instagram @sparkhd and use #sparkweekend to show what you have been doing. I hope you keep having wonderful weekends!

  • Listen to Christmas Music on spark!

Starting Tuesday (November 17) Spark will be playing Christmas music alongside your favorite spark HD songs. We would love to help you get ready for the Season! Oh, and there may just be a contest involved as well…stay tuned!

  • Watch Home Alone

The beloved film Home Alone turns 30 years old on Monday (November 16). Join Kevin McCallister, a ten-year-old boy who gets left home by mistake for the Holidays. When he realizes two criminals plan to rob his home, it is up to Kevin to protect his home—all by himself. You can watch Home Alone on Disney+ or rent/buy it on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Prime Video, or Vudu. To learn more about the film, visit https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099785/trivia?ref_=tt_ql_2 for some trivia.

  • Host a virtual paint party

Run to the store or hit up Amazon and get some paints. Whether you are a painter or you’ve never held a brush, video chat your friends and try painting together. You can all use the same picture to try to copy or you can find a painting tutorial on YouTube. If you don’t want as much structure, just paint whatever you want. Just have fun getting creative with friends.

  • Go on a hike

Tuesday (November 17) is Take a Hike Day. Use this day as an excuse to get some exercise and fresh air.

  • Take a break

Finals are almost upon many of us. Whatever it is that relaxes you, schedule a time to do it. A little selfcare never hurt anyone!