Spark Welcome to Weekends by Sarah Breinig

If SPARK and Welcome to Weekends is helping you have great weekends, share your experience on Facebook @sparkhd and Instagram @sparkhd and use #sparkweekend to show what you have been doing. I hope you keep having wonderful weekends!

  • Good luck on your finals

Finals are finally upon us, so do a great job! I know you can do it!

  • Watch Toy Story

On Sunday (November 22), Toy Story turns 25 years old. Relive the classic fun as Sheriff Woody is forced to come to terms with the new toy on the shelf- Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear. Not only is Toy Story the first full-length digitally animated movie, but is has become a film series recognizable worldwide. Celebrate the fun by streaming it on Disney+ or renting/buying Toy Story on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, YouTube, or Vudu. For more Toy Story fun, go to https://ohmy.disney.com/quiz/2016/03/06/hardest-toy-story-quiz/.

  • Hang out with friends (virtually)

Don’t let the new COVID-19 Stage 3 Mitigations prevent you and your friends from (safely) having fun. Meet up virtually before the semester ends and hang out together.

  • Have a Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with joy and love. No matter who your friends and family are and no matter how far away you may be due to COVID-19, I hope you enjoy this special day to give thanks!

  • Go Black Friday shopping

Whether you scope out deals like a hawk or decide the day of to participate, Black Friday can be a lot of fun. This year is easier than ever since many of the sales are solely online due to the pandemic, so why not use that to your advantage to get some cool stuff at a great price.