Spark Welcome to Weekends by Sarah Breinig

If SPARK and Welcome to Weekends is helping you have great weekends, share your experience on Facebook @sparkhd and Instagram @sparkhd and use #sparkweekend to show what you have been doing. I hope you keep having wonderful weekends!

1) Celebrate Dr. Suess  

Dr. Suess’s birthday is this Tuesday (March 2), so celebrate his work by reading one of his books, watching a Dr. Suess movie, or sit under a trufalla tree and relax.

2) Watch Tom and Jerry

Relive their anticks this Friday (Feburary 26) with Tom and Jerry as it goes to theatres. Watch the classic rivalry as it intensifies on the big screen. Watch the trailer here, www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP9TfCWaQT4,  and try some Tom and Jerry trivia here, www.funtrivia.com/playquiz/quiz152706117d1f8.html.

3) Eat some chili

Thursday (March 4) is chili day, so set your crockpots to cook and enjoy a warm meal. Try some new and unique chili recipes at www.tasteofhome.com/collection/best-chili-recipes-of-all-time/. My personal favorite is number 13- Thai-Style Chili.

4) Binge an old show

Catch up on an old show you haven’t watched in a while. Share with friends and relive the fun.

5) Ice Skating at Millennium Park

Millennium Park’s outdoor ice-skating rinks are opening up once again for the Holiday season. The McCormick Tribune Rink is a traditional oval shape perfect for beginners. The Ribbon, located at Maggie Daily Park, is a long circular path with level, uphill, and downhill skating for a slightly more experienced skater although beginners are welcome to try. Skates may be rented for $16-20 a pair, but bring your own, and it’s completely free of charge. Due to COVID-19, there will be limited capacity. Go to maggiedaleypark.com/things-to-do-see/skating-ribbon/ to make your reservations now or to learn more about skating downtown.